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ceramic sculptural features and wall work

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About Gabrielle Naptali

Gabrielle Naptali is a Ceramic Sculptor and Mosaic Artist located on Scarborough UK's beautiful East Coast of North Yorkshire.

Gabrielle varies the scale of the mainly porcelain work, often crackled in surface by using layers of clay.  Her pieces draw the attention in homes, gardens and therapeutic settings, as well as architectural and corporate spaces. Their Zen like qualities are 'present'. tactile, calm & tranquil evoking peace and contemplation. The clay as earth is the heart of the work; any glaze carefully considered. Gabrielle aims to draw the viewer face to face with the essence of Nature and therefore ourselves.

To arrange an appointment to visit Gabrielle’s Sculpture Garden see the contact page.

‘Who in this world can speak for nature and the spiritual energy that creates and flows through all life? ... If we return to spiritual harmony and live from our hearts we can experience a paradise in this world.’  ~ Hopi prophesy ~

"I care deeply about the environment so try to limit the use of firings.  I almost always use porcelain or white clay for its ability to express organic beauty; clay for me purely represents the natural world and personal evolution".


My simple forms frame clay's natural qualities; light enhances the surface flaws and physicality of the often crackled surface, the result of a personal layering process.

The viewer is engaged with the delicacy, strength and responsiveness of clay and its intimate memory.

Looking at the past serves to inform the future.

" the still point, there the dance is..." Burnt Norton, TS Eliot

Points of reflection come when things shift and change provides new frames of reference.

'Landmarks', boundaries and borders, intersections and connection points are vital, where times change and sections separate, in order to evaluate beginnings and endings.

NoitulovE installation Portrait of Three Generations is a 3 minute film of a ceramic and pixel-animation installation. More information can be found in the Gallery and Sculpture Section.

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ceramic artist - ceramic sculptural features & wall work